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The All-in-One ERP Platform

No need to open multiple windows and apps, the customer can choose the modules based on his business operations.

Wallet ERP makes it easy for companies to scale up, compete without boundaries, and operate with full integrity and compliance.


Effective delegation is one of the most important features of successful task management

Every Device is a
Potential Entry Point

Wallet ERP provides you to access the system from any device anytime by providing strong cloud based technology

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused a lack of communication between salesmen/delegates and administration, we have added a simple feature that helps you to monitor and follow up on the work of delegates remotely.

Fully Cloud-based

Wallet ERP deploys cloud-based technology, meaning you do not need to install servers and pay so much for hardware. All your information will be on the cloud, fully protected and safe, allowing you to manage your business from any place with only internet and your account.

Sales/ Management Applications

Your clients use their own software to order and your sales representatives have their own software to meet the demand. Using their own profiles, sales representatives can on their own manage their orders, deliveries and reports.

Localized & Customized

We built the solution based on the customers in the local markets, our system works directly in your company without any modifications or changes in the system. Easy to use, and very distinct in extracting reports

Saving Cost

The money that Wallet ERP lets you save on servers, hardware and even employees can be deployed and invested in your crucial business operations, giving you more room for growth without compromising the quality of your supply chain services.

Already have a ERP solution and would like to renew it?

We are happy to improve your business and save effort and money by making the decision to replace your existing accounting system. We have exciting ways to switch your old system into ours in less than an hour.

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