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Powerful Cloud based ERP Solution For SMEs in Jordan

Wallet ERP; a cloud-based enterprise resource planning tool meant to support small and midsized organizations in particular, is a gateway to achieve a business’ goals and potential.

Wallet ERP Features

ERP Accounting

Stay up-to-date with your daily transactions, keep tabs on your checks and manage your payroll on Web and Mobile

Warehousing and Inventory

Wallet ERP allows you to manage and monitor inventory, stocks and all their related finances.

Tracking Sales Reps’ Routes

Plan the best routes for your sales reps, track their movement in real-time .

Financial Analysis

Create reports to analyze your costs, revenues and other crucial data for your supply chain operations through a simple tool.

Customer Selfservice Application

Sell to all your clients and keep tabs on all transactions .

Ecommerce Application

Your customers can order from your shop at all times.



Human Resources

Cash Van/Reps


Financial Analysis

Project Management


Loan Management

Get powerful solution with cloud technology

You can combine all the ERP modules into a one single application, and view the details anytime anywhere .

  • You can browse anytime, anytime
  • The data is always encrypted
  • 24/7 technical support
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Making Customers More Successful

Develop the ERP depending on the input of the customers and coordinate it to suit all customers on the cloud.

  • Feedback is an essential element of our work
  • Accelerate customer business by developing features to save effort and money
  • Periodic visits to customers to check on their work and get information to develop
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Powerful Data Visualization

You can combine all the Landrick templates into a single one, you can take a component from the Application theme and use it in the Website.

  • Digital Marketing Solutions for Tomorrow
  • Our Talented & Experienced Marketing Agency
  • Create your own skin to match your brand
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Happy customers

Start working with Wallet ERP that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.